Bazoef - lazy

Who are we ?

We are Anne-Françoise and Hubert. In December 2020, we welcomed Thelma, an adorable happy little teckel.

Fairly quickly, we set out to find out what a healthy dog bowl is supposed to contain. We were indeed trying to provide him with quality food that was good for the planet. Concerned about animal welfare, the source of protein and the breeding conditions were also important to us. We realized that insect food met our values. There was not yet any insect-based petfood produced in Belgium. Our project was born!

Did you say Bazoef?

Our project was born in Brussels, we gave it a Brussels name… Bazoef is indeed a greedy, a glutton, a gourmand. What better way to stimulate the taste buds?

The local and the convivial being at the heart of our project, we met all our distributors, who shared our enthusiasm. Organic stores, cooperatives, pet stores, veterinarians, trust us by distributing our croquettes

Bazoef - lazy