There are only good reasons to choose Bazoef kibble: firstly, they are much more nutritious than most kibbles available on the market. Often, these are made up of residues from slaughter animal carcasses (internal organs, joints, etc.). These poor quality proteins do not provide your dog with everything he needs to grow and stay healthy. At Bazoef, we use the best part of the insects (thus the larva) in order to produce excellent quality proteins.

In addition, the production of our kibbles is much more respectful of the environment than that of conventional kibbles. In fact, insect larvae grow in their natural habitat. Raising insects is intensive farming, but unlike chickens and cows, this is how insect larvae are found in the wild. Better still, some researchers have noticed that insects grow better when they are raised in large numbers in a small space!

Finally, insects do not have a smell, the question of palatability does not arise in relation to insects in particular.

A source of so-called “animal” protein, insect protein is excellent for a dog’s omnivorous diet. In addition, the entire larva is used; there is therefore no choice to operate on better or lower quality “chunks”. They are also particularly rich in essential amino acids. For these different reasons, insect-based kibbles are an excellent choice of quality food.

And how !!! The recipe and the ingredients chosen were for their nutritional quality, but also for them to be delicious for your dog. You should also know that, since the dog has a strong sense of smell, he will first analyze the kibble with his nose. Since the insects are odorless, there is therefore nothing to worry about. On the other hand, your dog may not be naturally curious, and as a result, you will have to offer him the kibble several times before he is won over.

Having the most local kibble possible is one of our goals. And we are happy to achieve it in many ways. Indeed, our ingredients come from Belgium and neighboring countries, while the kibbles are produced in a Belgian factory.

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