Why insects?

You’ve probably already caught your cat happily hopping behind a fly, chewing on a bumblebee or your dog playing with a grasshopper … Your 4-legged friend knows insects, even if they are not (yet!) his main menu …

Out of habit we mainly give red meat, poultry and fish to our dogs. Proteins are essential for their growth, their nutritional balance and their health. However, these known sources of protein are not the only ones … Indeed, insect larvae represent an excellent source of animal protein, with very high nutritional value. They are also much more respectful of the planet since the surface required for their breeding is 18 times less than that of a cow. In 2018, 24% of Belgian households had at least one dog. Changing our animal’s eating habits could therefore have a huge impact on the planet.

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Delicious, balanced and good for health

We have chosen, for our croquettes, to use mealworms; these are the larvae of the Tenebrio Molitor beetle

More and more veterinarians are recommending insect protein for cats and dogs with allergies over commonly consumed proteins. Insect-based kibbles are also an interesting alternative for pets with digestive difficulties

Good for the planet

This environmental emergency is heard everywhere, we must reduce our consumption of meat. It may seem difficult, either for us or for our dog, to change our eating habits. There are around 1,400,000 dogs and even more cats in Belgium; their meat consumption therefore has a real impact, as their diet is made up of around 25% protein. Greenhouse gas emissions linked to the breeding of insects are 9 times less than those emitted by cows, and two times less than those emitted by the breeding of chickens.

The larvae grow naturally with a balanced amino acid profile that is very suitable for pet nutrition. They feed on high quality organic residues that could not be consumed by humans. They therefore participate effectively in the recycling of our foodstuffs.

Bazoef kibbles do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, except insects. For this reason, lipids are also of plant origin.

Greenhouse gas emissions in kg


Agricultural area in m2


Water footprint per unit of nutritional value (L/g of protein)


Sources : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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Animal wellbeing

The conditions for intensive cattle rearing are often criticized.

Insects are not subjected to this type of process; indeed, as in their natural environment, farmed insects grow best when they are in large numbers in small, confined, dark places, with a variety of foods at their disposal.

In addition, today, 80% of antibiotics are used to accelerate the growth of farm animals. Insects are not subjected to such treatments, and naturally grow rapidly. We can therefore say that the resulting proteins are “clean”.

For all these reasons,

Opting for Bazoef kibble is a good choice for the health of your animal, the discovery of a delicious, palatable and diversified recipe. It is also a commitment to the planet and animal welfare.