Bazoef - Croquettes de qualité à base d’insectes

Selection of ingredients

We made the choice of the “clean label”; in other words, a recipe which includes only what is necessary, good for health, and which is readable and understandable for the buyer. This process of transparency is essential in a transition to higher quality food.

Dried insect protein comes from mealworms; they are raised in France. Proteins are essential because they are the main building blocks of all cells in the body. These are chains of amino acids that can be found in muscles, skin, nails, body hair, blood, etc. These are also the basis of many hormones, enzymes and antibodies and are necessary for the growth, repair and defense of body tissues.

We then find naked oats; A source of vegetable protein, this cereal has the advantage of being rich in fiber, while providing carbohydrates and therefore energy. It does not contain any trace of wheat gluten, to which some dogs are sensitive.

White rice completes the energy supply and also helps give shape and consistency to the croquette.

The fat intake comes from rapeseed oil. The latter is composed of more than 60% of monounsaturated fatty acids. Above all, it is very rich in omega 3s, and particularly in alpha-linolenic acid, as well as vitamin E, which gives it nourishing and antioxidant properties.

Bazoef - Ingredients
Bazoef - fruits and vegetables

Two types of prebiotics are present in our recipe. They have the advantage of promoting digestion. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin are found in dried chicory. The mannanoligosacharides (MOS) are added to it.

We have also incorporated cranberries because of the protection it can provide against urinary tract infections, especially in females.

Various dried fruits and vegetables have been added to provide a diversified diet for our omnivorous companions. The intake is at the level of fiber, important for intestinal transit.