As a dog lover, you naturally want the best for your four-legged friend. And when we talk about nutrition, we especially want healthy and balanced food that is good for our dog. But we also don’t want to forget that our choices have an impact on the planet. That is why Bazoef offers a sustainable solution: insect-based dog food.

Why insect dog food?

It may sound strange, but insect larvae are an excellent source of animal protein. It has a very high nutritional value and is good for the growth and health of your dog. But that’s not the only benefit of using insects as food. The breeding of insects requires much less land area than the breeding of traditional meat sources, such as cows or chickens. The production of insect feed requires no less than 18 times less surface area than the breeding of a cow. This makes it a much more environmentally friendly alternative.

Tasty, balanced and good for health

Bazoef uses mealworms, the larvae of the Tenebrio Molitor beetle, as the main source of protein in their kibble Mealworms are not only tasty, but also have a balanced amino acid profile that is perfect for dog food. More and more veterinarians are recommending insect protein for dogs that are allergic to commonly used proteins. Insect-based kibble is also an interesting alternative for dogs with digestive problems.

Insects as a protein source, good for the planet

Breeding insects for dog kibble is not only better for the planet , it also has less greenhouse gas emissions. Raising cows and chickens produces much higher greenhouse gas emissions than raising insects. This means using insect feed is a much more sustainable choice than traditional meat sources. Bazoef insect dog food is therefore a responsible choice for owners who care about the environment.

Animal welfare

Another advantage of insect food is that it is a lot better for animal welfare than traditional meat. Insects do not have to suffer under the conditions of intensive livestock farming. Insects grow best when they are in large numbers in small, enclosed, dark places, with a variety of foods available to them. Moreover, insects are not treated with antibiotics, which is the case with traditional meat. This makes the proteins in insect feed much ‘cleaner’ than traditional meat sources.

Dog food with insects

Insects are an excellent source of animal protein with a very high nutritional value. In addition, they have much more respect for the planet, since the area required for their breeding is 18 times smaller than that of a cow. So changing our dogs’ eating habits can have a huge impact on the planet. More and more veterinarians recommend insect protein for dogs that are allergic to commonly used proteins, and insect-based kibble is also an interesting alternative for dogs with digestive problems. In addition, feeding insects instead of traditional meat is also better for animal welfare, because insects are reared under natural conditions and are not exposed to antibiotics. Bazoef dog food with insects is a sustainable and healthy option for our furry friends. It contains all the nutrients necessary for their growth, nutritional balance and health, while also having a positive impact on the planet. In addition, the ingredients are “clean” and respect animal welfare. Give your dog the best with Bazoef insect dog food.

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